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For Sale - Office

Common Areas: The common areas are consisted by the following
 The Basement level B’
 Ground Floor Reception & Lobby
 1st ,2nd ,3rd & 4th Floor Lobbies
 The rooftop
Public Parking: The area of the parking of Basement level A’
A video entry videophone will be installed for internal communication :
 Of the Offices with from the main Entrance to basement
 Of both from the Basement Entrances with any office or reception.
 Burglar Alarm System via motion Detectors will be installed in the commons areas.
 This system will allow access to authorized persons only with unique code or/ and access card.
 Access control applied also to parking areas.
 Any unauthorized access to the building will rise an alarm
The entrances of the building, the building Parking and the lobbies will be covered by
day/night high resolution cameras to discourage intruders
The building will be served by two high-tech Glass Panoramic lifts brand OTIS .
The Lift cabins will be finished with luxury materials–floors in polished marbles, side
walls in HPL wood veneer panels and stainless steel trimmings with safety glass to
visual openings and safety intercom. The low energy consumption lifts will travel at
1m/s velocity and will integrate a passenger-disengage system in case of power failure.
The Lifts will have the technology (MRL) machine room less, this technology provides
smoother traveling and energy saving.
A ventilation system will be installed in the 2 Basements car park for fresh air circulation.
Individual Ventilation Systems will be installed also in all staircases lobbies and
commons toilets.
A VRV system with Concealed ceiling indoor units with serve the Entrance lobby area.
The Concealed ceiling units will blow the treated air though elegant grilles

The security/burglar alarm system have been designed in a way to provide safety to the
Flat’s tenants and their’s property.
Only provision for power supply to main intruder alarm panel and one number structured cabling point for voice and/or data for communication.
Wireless system can easily be installed.
Consists by one terrestrial antenna & for domestic digital channels and satellite dish for the satellite channels (satellite dish <1m) only for the 4th floor Flats.
In case where there is need of the TV in any of the offices at any floor can be easily installed at a small extra cost.
The lighting of each flat has been designed to provide ease of use with conventional lighting control. The lighting points have been selected carefully for maximum case of use and have been separated into sub circuits in order to protects against complete shut-down.
The lighting control selected is the conventional way.
Ethernet network using CAT6 cable, allowing access to local LAN and as well to the WAN with the aid of gateway router (Router and Wi-Fi is not provided). The same cable is used for telephone service (VOICE) and DATA exchange. Sockets RJ45 are distributed around the apartment in appropriate locations and can be used for both data and voice
Ethernet network using CAT6 cable, allowing access to local LAN supporting speeds up to 1000Mbps and as well to the WAN with the aid of gateway router (Router and Wi-Fi is not provided). The same cable is used for telephone service (VOICE) and DATA exchange
There will exist a plenty of number of RJ45 sockets from underfloor distribution system for all working positions.
The central pipes from the mains until the solar system and from there to the manifolds in the flats will be made from low expansion polypropylene. The manifolds will be bronze made. After the manifolds there will be Pex Pipes (pipe in pipe system
The solar System consists:
Hot water Cylinder with storage of 200 Liters, suitable for high pressure Copper made. Thermally insulated, with stainless steel finish and 3kw secondary electric heater.
Cold Water tank made from Polyethylene with UV protection suitable for drinking water.
Solar Panel made of aluminum frame fully thermally insulated at the back and on the sides, 4mm special glass in front and copper inside.
Pressure unit suitable for 3 bar pressure for cold and hot water
VRV system with very high coefficient of performance will be used for cooling system with 60X60 ceiling cassettes. The location of the VRV outdoor unit will be on the Roof .
Each office will have a Fresh air Ventilation system via Heat Recovery units. The heat recovery unots will take fresh air from outside and via ducts and 4 way grilles will spread the air to the office space, With the same way the heat recovery unit will extract air to the outside.
For more infos pls call Andreas 99631223

Additional Details

  • Floor: 3
  • Build Date: 2018
  • VAT: YES

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